The editing of the Opera philosophica (5 vols.) has been brought successfully to completion with the editing of the Quaestiones super libros De anima Aristotelis.  Our current long-term scholarly goal is to publish a critical edition of John Duns Scotus’ entire Parisian Commentaries on the Sentences, comprising four books.
The natural starting place in editing the Parisian writings is the commentaries on the Sentences, wherein the full range of philosophical topics is addressed.  Though Scotus had already lectured at Oxford on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, the foundational text for philosophical and theological speculations in the High Middle Ages, he lectured again on the same work during the period 1302-1304, a period relatively late in Scotus’s life.  These later lectures provide a benchmark for ascertaining change and development in his philosophical thinking.

The Reportatio Parisiensis examinata I-A, which we are presently in the process of editing, is a crucial text for scholars not only for this reason but also because it purports to be, on the strength of the Vienna codex, a copy that was checked by Scotus himself.  This text deals with the existence and nature of God, divine attributes, the basis of human knowledge, philosophical psychology in reference to the imago Dei, and the intelligibility of divine providence, among many other topics.

The critical edition of Reportatio Parisiensis examinata I-A will be an invaluable tool for medievalists, philosophers, theologians, historians and historians of science.  It will be published in both book and CD-Rom formats.


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